The Royal "Vereniging De Friesche Elf Steden”, established on the 15th of January 1909, organises the Eleven cities skating tour once a year, weather permitting.The last tour took place on the 4th of January 1997. On this site you can find information on the tours, the association and its membership.As soon as the frost sets in, with temperatures below -10 C, this site will keep you updated on any new developments regarding the tour.The Eleven cities skating Tours can only take place in severe winters when temperatures drop to around -10C. Not only the temperatures but many more factors like the wind and/or snowfall are determining factors in the tour.Although the chances of an Eleven cities tour may seem to be slim, one thing is certain: the next tour is getting nearer every year!

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De herbenoemde bestuursleden Wim Kimsma en Immie Jonkman ... Lees meerLees minder

De herbenoemde bestuursleden Wim Kimsma en Immie Jonkman

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Als de hesjes op zijn maat zijn, dan kun je het mooi gebruiken als zeil bij wind mee.

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